Pomegranates trees

Punica Granatum, also known as pomegranate, is a plant native to territories east of Afghanistan. This specimen has spread along the whole coastline of the Mediterranean thanks to the Babylonians, Egyptians and Phoenicians who appreciated its undoubtable quality.
The pomegranate tree has a trunk which is not perfectly round, erect and ramified, with growth which is often rather twisted. Growth is typically upwards and hanging, with the possibility of some branches even reaching the ground.
As regards the flowers, these are hermaphroditic and appear at the end of branches, and can be isolated or collected in bunches. The shape is that of a glass while the colouring is bright red, usually the petals have a yellow colour which creates a strong contrast with the intense colour of the corolla.
Normally the pomegranate starts to flower in March in the south, while in the north it is towards the end of May.